Woman Finds Missing 75-Year-Old Man With Dementia in Woods

May 09, 2018

Ken Armstrong, 75, wandered away from his home on Monday in Innisfil, Ontario, causing a city-wide search for the elderly man.


Sally Shutz couldn’t stand sitting home alone while the search took place so she decided to take part in the search herself.


She soon found herself near a densely wooded area and decided to check down a nearby trail to see what she could find.



“I decided to park the car and take a wee walk up. Gotta check everything,” she said. “I didn’t expect to find him. I just said the name ‘Ken’ because I came to the end of the trail. I heard a wee voice say, “Yes?” I was shocked.”


Shutz found Armstrong laying face up on the ground not far from the road. He asked her for water and she gave him a drink while she dialed 911.


“I put my coat under his head, and he had water. The cops were there in, like, minutes.”


Shutz’ lucky guess put an end to an agonizing 36-hour search for his family.


“Stepping into the chief’s office and getting this news is just astounding,” said a family member. “We’re just elated and grateful. Very, very, grateful.”



Armstrong has dementia and diabetes and was taken to a nearby hospital as a precaution. He spent two nights alone outside.


“How did he hold on for three days? He’s my hero,” said Shutz.


The family thanks everyone who helped in the search.

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