Woman Is Stunned When She Spots Dead Husband in Maternity Photos

December 20, 2017

Kelly Luethe was 18 weeks pregnant with her third child when her husband Jarrett was killed. He was in another state on a work trip when he was hit by a drunk driver. At 2am, a police officer knocked on Kelly’s door to tell her the news.


The didn’t know how to process the information. She shared, “I was texting with him through the whole night up until about five minutes before the accident, when he quit responding. I just thought he went to bed or his phone battery died. Never in a million years would I have thought he was involved in an accident, let alone killed.”


The next week, Kelly and Jarrett were scheduled to find out the gender of their third baby. Instead, Kelly found herself attending her husband’s funeral.

The day after his funeral, Kelly went to the appointment to find out the gender of her baby. When she received the news, her own mother was holding one hand and Jarrett’s mother was holding the other.


All three were so excited to hear the news. Kelly shared, “We screamed and cried with excitement and sadness when the ultrasound tech said it was a boy. So bittersweet.”


Kelly decided then and there to name the baby Jarrett Jr. after her husband.


With everything that she went through with the death of her husband, Kelly wasn’t sure whether she wanted to take maternity photos. She decided to go ahead and take them. According to Kelly, “I want to include him in anyway I can for our family and especially Jarrett Jr., since he will never get to have his dad around.”

Kelly asked her friend, Jessica Brandau, to take the maternity photos for her. When they took the photos, Jessica noticed that there were some abnormal flares that showed up on the photos. In one photo, there was a rainbow reflected just above Kelly’s belly.


She shared, “When I first noticed the rainbow during the shoot, I showed Kelly and immediately got goosebumps and teared up when she told me that they had experienced a miscarriage before becoming pregnant with baby Jarrett, making this their ‘rainbow baby’”

That evening, though, Jessica noticed that the strange flares didn’t only impact the one photo. There were rainbows and flares in every photo they took that day, even though they had moved around a lot during the shoot and even changed locations.


“I know some will chalk it up to a lens flare and light refraction,” Jessica shared, “but in the time that I have been photographing professionally I have never had it show up as prominently—and in every single photo—the way that it did in Kelly’s photos. I do fully believe that Jarrett was giving Kelly and his babies a sign that he is still with them.”

Kelly has been struggling with her husband’s death, but she believes that the photos prove that Jarrett is still willing to do anything for his family. “I had been longing for a sign from Jarrett since the accident. I was really struggling with my faith because of it. I feel Jarrett knew I needed this.”


This story is so incredible. It’s amazing to see the sign that Kelly was given from her husband. Little Jarrett Jr. is going to have an amazing support system.


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