Pregnant Woman Thrown In Jail For Eating Potato Chips In Grocery Store Before Paying. But There's A Bit More To This Story…

November 29, 2018

We’ve all done it. You’re trying to get your weekly shopping done and your little one is NOT cooperating. But, who could blame him? After all, it IS past his nap time and you’re still wandering the aisles of the grocery store.

Then, you get a brilliant idea as you dash down the snack aisle. Why not grab something off the shelf that the whimpering toddler can eat while you finish gathering the last of the items on your list? Of course, you’ll pay for it when you check out, but being able to give it to him now will make all the difference in the world.

Most businesses will turn a blind eye to the desperate move, knowing full well the motivation behind your ‘theft’ of merchandise. After all, keeping the goodwill of harried moms who spend their weekly food budget at your store is more important that keeping to the letter of the law.

Well, some stores have another way of looking at this commonplace act, and one woman in Ireland found out the hard way that it’s best to pay for consumables BEFORE starting to eat them.

25-year-old Kathleen McDonagh was visiting a Tesco supermarket in Cork, Ireland when she decided it would be a good idea to open a can of Pringles before actually playing for it. And now she’s serving time in jail for the seemingly innocuous action.

Outrageous?? That was my first feeling when I saw this story. But, when I read further, I learned a bit of information that quickly changed my mind about the ‘injustice’ McDonagh suffered.

You see, Ms. McDonagh had already been apprehended 31 times in the past for the same offense, and had been given suspended sentences. Apparently, this time the judge believed he needed to ramp up the consequences - since she obviously was not getting it.

Oh, yeah. And she wasn’t even supposed to be in that particular establishment, having been banned from even entering it. So, unless it’s the only store in town, she seemed to be blatantly flouting the law.

Let's hope that she learned a lesson this time and resists the urge to snack before she 'shows them the money' - and before stepping foot inside an establishment that has been very clear about not wanting your business!

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