Woman Left Forever Scarred and Badly Burned By Crazy Ex Gets The Perfect Revenge; Internet is Floored

June 19, 2018

They often say that jealousy can eat away at a person's heart and turn them into a monster. That is exactly what caused Dana Vulin, 28, to be left with seemingly unbearable scars all over her body. 

Dana had a relatively normal life prior to the attack. She had fun with her friends and enjoyed going to parties and hanging out like any normal 28-year-old would. However, one conversation with a man at a party caused everything to spiral out of control for Dana. Here she is with one of her friends prior to the attack...

Dana was talking to Natalie Dimitrovska's ex-husband at a party—when Natalie saw the two speaking. Natalie was enraged with jealousy, causing her to do the unthinkable. Natalie snuck into Dana's house at night, dousing her with alcohol and lighting her on fire.

"Dana could hear Natalie laughing as she left her to die," states one source.

What came after that was a very long road to recovery, as Dana was covered in what seemed like irreversible scars. Many would have just thrown in the towel at this point but not Dana! She fought! 

"For over two years, every day was a battle just to keep living. More than 60% of her body was covered in third-degree burns."

"Once Dana had left the hospital, she had to wear a mask that covered her entire face, head, and neck to prevent infection and allow her skin to heal." Her transformation after those two long years is amazing and we are praying she can recover from this loss continually, both inside and out. Her strength and fortitude are especially inspiring!

Today Dana has removed the mask and she looks absolutely stunning! We love your strength Dana!

Dana's attacker, Natalie, was giving a proper punishment, landing herself 17 years behind bars. We are happy she will be paying for this horrendous crime and that Dana can begin to return to a normal life...finally.

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