Woman Receives Over 600 Cards from Strangers on her 100th Birthday

November 10, 2017

If you think that the world is headed further down the drain every day, here is a story that will show you that there is still hope left for humanity.

Lizzie Picken never married and never had any children, so she was expecting a quiet and lonely 100th birthday. Little did she know that she would be overloaded with birthday wishes from total strangers, even a card from the Queen of England!

The staff at the Evergreen Residential Home, where Lizzie currently lives, thought that she deserved something special for her 100th birthday and sent out a message on social media letting everyone know about her big milestone.

The goal was to get 100 cards for her 100 years of life, but they ended up receiving way more than expected. When Lizzie woke up the morning of her birthday, 638 cards were waiting for her. She even got some birthday presents as well.

Lizzie was a career-focused woman and dedicated her life to her nursing and midwife profession. She never had a family of her own, so she wasn’t expecting much on her birthday, even though she herself was very excited about it.

The staff at the Evergreen Residential Home kept her haul of cards and gifts a secret until the big day so that it would all be a surprise.

Even though this is a big milestone birthday for Lizzie, she isn’t the oldest in her family. Lizzie has an older sister that is 103 years old!

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