Woman’s Hair Dryer Suddenly Became a Blow Torch—Make Sure Yours Is Safe

February 13, 2018

Erika Augthun Shoolbred recently had the scare of a lifetime one morning. She switched on her hair dryer one morning and suddenly found that she was holding a blowtorch.

When Erika purchased the dryer, it was marketed as salon-grade. She purchased it from a third-party seller on Amazon called OraCorp.

When Erika tried to use the hair dryer, it got hot very quickly and started to smoke. Within seconds it started to shoot fire.

Erika unplugged the hair dryer as quickly as possible. While the hair dryer stopped spewing fire, it did continue to burn and smoke.

Luckily, the hair dryer wasn’t pointed at Erika when it started to blow fire, but she did suffer a burn on her hand. “I am so fortunate the dryer was pointing away from me and my 5-year-old daughter was not getting ready with me that morning,” she shared. “It could have been horrific.”

Erika submitted a product safety form on Amazon. When they reviewed the case, the refunded her purchase and halted sales of the dryer.

Se also tried to reach out to the organization that sold the product, OraCorp. She has not received any responses. The company does not have a website,  but does sell several products on Amazon, including makeup, irons, and toothbrushes.

Luckily everything worked out okay for Erika, but this could have been terrifying. Make sure to pay attention to fire safety warnings. And definitely read reviews on any items you purchase online.

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