Woman’s Heartfelt Note Shows the Importance of Paying Attention to Others

January 18, 2018

Some days it’s easy to feel like no one sees you or understands what you’re going through. Whether you’re surrounded by people or the only person you see is your barista—you can feel alone.

Recently, a woman was going through an extremely difficult day. She had been in a relationship with someone who she thought was being honest.

However, she had just found out that he had been lying to her through their entire relationship. He wasn’t single like he told her. He was actually married. Not only that, but his wife was extremely pregnant.

She found out all of this information on a Monday evening. That night, she couldn’t sleep at all. She knew that she would see him at work and have to deal with thinking about all of the lies he had told her.

The next morning she cried on her way to work, knowing that she would see him. She stopped by her coffee shop to get a drink. The baristas asked if she was okay.

When she explained her situation to them, they listened with patience. When she finished, they told her she didn’t need to worry about paying for her drink. They encouraged her that she’s too good for someone like that.

The next day, she sent them a note. She shared, “That was literally the most you could have done for me and I am so grateful for your kindness.”

The note was written on seed paper. When planted, the paper will grow into plants. She encouraged the employees to “accept this seed paper as an apology and grow love with it.”

It’s incredible to see the impact that a single act of kindness can have on someone’s day. Hopefully, this woman’s day just got better and better from the moment she got the free coffee. She obviously deserves so much more.

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