Video: Woman Reaches Out to Save Tarantula Stranded By Flood

March 12, 2018

Many people have a fear of spiders. Some might call it arachnophobia, others might call it common sense.


North Queensland, Australia has experienced some heavy flooding recently, with some floodwaters reaching a depth of 48 feet. The waters have started to recede the past few days but the area is still declared a disaster zone.




Australia is known for its abundance of dangerous animals, and as the waters started to rise, evidently some of them did their best to not drown in the swift-moving current.



A video was posted to Facebook last weekend of a giant tarantula clinging for dear life to a mostly submerged tree branch as the floodwaters rushed below it.


That’s when the unthinkable starts to happen. An outstretched hand reaches toward the giant spider.


Watch what happens in the video below!



Luckily, according to the video poster, Andrea Gofton, the hand was just reached out for a size comparison. “My excitement for the day...saved a spider,” said Andrea in her post.


While most people might have left the spider alone, or knocked it into the water below, Andrea decided to save the stranded creature. When it refused to budge from its perch, Andrea and a companion picked up the branch and carried it to higher ground and into an avocado tree.


Some have praised her rescue efforts while others have condemned her actions.


Wildlife experts identified the spider as a whistling spider, a spider named for the hissing sound it makes when threatened. It normally lives in a burrow underground and must have run to safety when its home filled with water.


Wildlife expert Alan Henderson estimates that this spider is between 10-15 years old based on its size. The spider can be fatal to small cats and dogs, but not to humans. It usually preys on large insects, lizards, amphibians, and small mammals for food.



Giant spiders are the least of concern for locals, however, as numerous crocodile and snake sightings have been reported as many animals fled the rising waters.


If you saw that giant spider stranded on the tree branch, what would you have done? Would you have done the same as Andrea? Let us know what you would have done in the comments!


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