Woman Saves Husband’s Dying Ex-Wife from Cancer

November 14, 2017

A woman was given four months to live by doctors until she received help from the last person you would expect – her ex-husband’s new wife.

Just last March, Nicola Hitchen was told that there was nothing more that could be done for her. Her Stage Four cervical cancer was too advanced, and she only had months to live.

Instead of giving up, Nicola traveled to a leading chemotherapy center in Turkey for five 10-day sessions. As you could imagine, this wound up being quite expensive, totaling over $100,000. However, a further $65,000 was needed to finish the sessions.

That’s when help arrived from her ex-husband Andy and his new wife, Claire. They started a massive fundraising campaign to raise money to pay for her future treatments.

“Joe and Jake are my stepsons,” said Claire. “Nicola is my husband’s ex-wife and an amazing mom to Joe and Jake. She continues to put them first throughout all of her treatment. Joe and Jake are also amazing big brother to our three-year-old daughter, and she adores them as they do her.”

“Money is running out, and she may not be able to continue with her life-saving treatment,” she continued. “This is not an option. The boys need their mom, and she deserves the chance to watch them grow into men and have their own families.”

The good news is that the main tumor in Nicola’s abdomen has almost gone and others in her liver and spine have shrunk dramatically. A tumor in her lungs has also completely gone.

“I’m completely overwhelmed,” said Nicola. “Everyone, especially Claire, has been amazing. I didn’t think people liked me that much.”

“It’s brought us all even closer together,” she continued. “The support I’ve been given has been phenomenal, not just from my family but from complete strangers too.”

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