Woman Shows Incredible Act of Kindness Towards Injured Veteran

November 29, 2017

Dallas Smith Jr. was on his way home from work one day when he decided to stop at Huddle House, a restaurant in Douglas, Georgia. As he sat, eating his food, he watched an incredible act of kindness.


At the restaurant, a senior man was sitting with a younger man in a booth. The older man had a wrapped bandaged arm and was having difficulty eating his food. When a restaurant employee noticed, she quickly rushed to his aid.

“The older man had one arm bandaged, and with the one hand he was working with, he was trying to get his pancakes cut,” Smith said. “The young man reached over to help him, but the cook behind the counter said, ‘Hold on one sec, I’ll get that for you.’”

When the woman walked up to the table, she began cutting his food and told the young man dining with him to keep enjoying his food. She was happy to help. Smith could tell this was not an inconvenience to her at all.

“She wasn’t doing it for a show,” Smith said. “I’m a Christian, and I’ve seen Jesus through her, what she did. This day and age, you don’t see people doing stuff like that.”

Smith began recording and shared it on Facebook where it quickly grew in views. It has been watched over 220,000 times. Check it out below.

Smith was able to talk with the family of the older man in the video and quickly learned the man was a U.S. veteran. The man was recently injured due to intervening in a domestic dispute. Smith also got the opportunity to talk with the employee who helped the veteran.

“She said, ‘I really don’t like being recorded, but if it’s going to be a blessing to someone, it’s okay,’” he said. “She’s a perfect example of what the Bible teaches us to be like. If everyone was more like her, I don’t think we’d have many problems.”

What do you think about this woman? Share if you believe she is an inspiration to us all! In other news, a father in coma dies but still gives a heartwarming birthday gift to his daughter five years later. Grab a tissue before you read this article!

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