Woman Thought She Met Her Husband at 23—She Found a Photo That Proved Otherwise

January 31, 2018

Many couples have a sweet “how we met” story that gets shared with their friends and family. Many of them are pretty boring, but there’s an occasional “how we met” that just goes to show that the couple was meant to be together.

Grace Jennings-Edquist and Ben Cerini were first introduced when they were 23 years old—not necessarily the sweetest “how we met” story. However, after they got married, Grace found out that the story was actually very different than they thought.

When they were 23, the two were both studying abroad in The Netherlands. They were both from Australia, but different areas. The got married several years later in 2015.

Now 29, Grace was going through some old photos. While doing that, she made a bizarre discovery.

The man who she met at 23 and married at 27 had actually been introduced to her earlier than they thought. Grace found an image from a friend’s party from when they were around six years old.

In the photo, Grace saw herself giving a boy a look. The boy in the image? Her now-husband, Ben.

Grace shared, “We went back and forth a little bit trying to work out how that photo could have been taken since Ben lived in Adelaide for a bit when he was young.”

At first, the two were extremely confused by the image. They had known that Grace had a friend who lived on the same street as Ben growing up, but neither of them remembered the party.

“I had known that this family friend once lived on the same street as Ben’s family when they were young,” she shared.  “But we were totally unaware we’d actually crossed paths ourselves.”

She posted the photo to Twitter with the comment, “Thought I’d met my husband at 23...but I just found this pic showing us both at the same party. That’s me, in a white dress, eyeing him off.”


At least the couple now knows how they actually first met! Now they have a significantly better story to tell their friends and family.

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