WATCH: Meet The 91-Year-Old Who Does Backflips For Fun! No, I’m Serious...

December 07, 2018

They say you’re only as old as you feel and in the case of 91-year-old John Carter of British Colombia, he must feel like about 16 years old!! And if you happened to see him at the pool, you’d have to agree.

John has made a name for himself doing daring stunts off the high dive at his local swimming pool. But that's not all he does...

He rides his bike, lifts weights, plays soccer and baseball, and loves to sprint down and back in his yard. But his favorite place to be is in the pool. And his friend is the three-meter board, from which he does his famous backflips.

"When John Carter is bored of doing backflips off the 10-foot diving board, he will occasionally do a back flop to show off.

“Except, sometimes, the lifeguards have to point out to the 91-year-old that he's lost his dentures. "

And what motivates a nonagenarian to take on such risky activities when most people his age are enjoying some well-earned relaxation after a life of work and worry? “I don’t want to get old.”

It’s as simple as that. I suppose if you keep doing the things you did when you were younger, you might be able to trick your brain into believing that you aren’t pushing a hundred!

Social media users are having fun with this man’s gusto, and their comments on Twitter reflect a variety of opinions about the wisdom of a 91-year-old doing backflips off the high dive:

Some are a bit envious of his strength and agility:

“I had the honour of talking to John Carter for this story. Amazing man, and far more active than I am at his age of 91!”

Others were simply inspired by his zest for life:

"Lol, funny, but if it works for him, good for him. Good to see older folks having fun. Live your life!"

And John has some wise advice for all the youngsters out there as they face the inevitable march of time: “Get old but don’t rush it. Take your time.” And John Carter seems to have figured out just the right formula for making that happen!

Please enjoy the full video filmed by his grandson-in-law. You may be surprised to learn that his ‘extreme’ adventures are not limited to just the pool!

According to CBC News, “The video, titled World's Most Extreme Grandpa, showcases the then-90-year-old Trail, B.C., resident excelling at various physical activities like biking, snowshoeing, running, playing soccer and, of course, diving.”

To see John in action, back when he was a spry 90, watch the video, below.

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