Would You LIve in Your Daughter’s Backyard? See How These Two Made it Work

November 22, 2017

When Meredith Stannard retired from her job, she decided it would be a good time to downsize. She and her spouse decided to sell their 1,300-square-foot home and move in with their daughter Drew and her husband Jacob.

They didn’t want to live in the same house, though, so the four decided to build a mini-house in Drew and Jacob’s backyard. They aren’t the first to live in this type of home. In fact, these homes are often known as “granny pods” or “mother-in-law cottages.”

This plan has been in the works for several years—even before Drew and Jacob bought the house they live in now. When they decided on this house, they actually thought that the property would be too small for a “mother-in-law cottage.”

However, when Meredith was getting close to retiring, they reevaluated the idea. They decided to tear down the old garage on the property and build the cottage in its place.

They took the idea to Bruce Parker, an architect and the owner of Microhouse, a collaboration network to help people design and construct small homes. He drew up a design for the house that included a bedroom, two bathrooms, and a kitchen—all within 613-square-feet.

Another important factor of the design of their home is the style of the outside. Drew and Jacob’s home had a very specific style that they wanted to be reflected in the mother-in-law cottage as well.

After receiving their completed designs, they started looking for a contractor. For the next six months, Drew and Jacob’s backyard was a construction zone. The contractor followed the design of the house as closely as possible.

The end result is stunning. In fact, even Drew has admitted, “I wish we could trade.”

Meredith and her spouse moved into this cottage at the perfect time. Drew and Jacob recently announced that they are expecting a baby in May. Drew’s parents will be there within minutes to help her through motherhood.

Meredith shared, “I see lots of Baby Boomers pushing strollers in this neighborhood. They probably have to commute to push the stroller and we won’t have to!”

It’s awesome that Drew and Jacob will have her parents living so close for when they become first-time parents. Their tiny house looks incredible—and just think about all the money they’re saving!