Restaurant Worker Shoots Customer For Running Out On Bill

December 12, 2018

You’d never think that a place that prides itself on how cheap its food is would be the scene of a gunfight over a ‘dine-and-dash’ incident, but that is exactly what happened at the China Cafeteria in Decatur, Georgia.

The restaurant, which boasts a $4.99 house special and a $3.50 lunch special is a favorite eatery for customers who are looking for a good meal at a reasonable price. But, never in their wildest dreams did they think it would be the scene of such violence.

Conflicting reports have emerged about what sparked the gunfire. The restaurant said he was prompted to go outside when he saw a customer fighting with his relatives. Another employee said the incident started when the customer tried to pay his bill with an invalid credit card.

That is when employee Xin Xing Chen and another employee went outside and confronted the customer. After a little while, Xin went back into the restaurant and grabbed a firearm and shot the customer.

According to Fox News, “A fight broke out between the three people and at one point Chen went back inside the restaurant, grabbed a gun and shot the customer. His co-worker was also shot by accident.”

"Police have charged Chen with aggravated assault. Investigators said. Chen also shot a co-worker by mistake as well.

"The customer he shot is in critical condition and the injured employee is in stable condition.

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