You Can Now Have a Piece of the Royal Wedding; Fans Are Going Crazy Over This

May 04, 2018

Many can only dream of attending a royal wedding. The wedding cake alone would be a treat. Well, now you can have a little slice of the royal wedding cake...albeit 44 years old.

Five pieces of wedding cake will be auctioned off on June 23, 2018. The cakes will be up for bidding at the Julien's Auction located at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino. The larget bidders will go home with the winning slices.

The cakes are from five different royal weddings over the course of 44 years. All of them boasting the traditional royal fruit-cake—frozen to petrified perfection.

When Martin Nolan, Julien's Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, was asked why they are doing this, he told NPR, "'It's just fun,' Nolan says. 'It hearkens back to a very happy time; love, a couple getting married, future kings and queens, a fairy tale. We're keeping the love affair on ice.'"

This isn't Julien's Auction first go-around with obscure historical artifacts. "In 2016, it sold Truman Capote's ashes for about $45,000. In 2006, it sold William Shatner's kidney stone 'because at Julien's Auctions we leave no stone unturned.' All $25,000 from that sale went to a house-building charity called Habitat for Humanity."

You can expect to see wedding cake from Prince Charles and Princess Diana's 1981 wedding, and Prince William and Princess Kate's 2011 wedding, amongst others. Sadly, you won't see any cake from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding, though I doubt you would want an old piece from theirs. They opted for a lemon and elderberry cake—a touch harder to persevere than the traditional royal fruitcake.

As NPR states, "'Fruitcake has staying power. A lemon sponge, maybe not so.'"

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