You Could Be Bringing in 25,000 Bugs From Your Christmas Tree — What You Need to Do

December 04, 2017

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, families are venturing out these coming weekends to find the perfect Christmas tree. But before you bring that beast of a tree indoors, you should follow these guidelines below. It could cost you 25,000 bugs.

"There can be up to 25,000 different species of insects that can be brought in by Christmas trees," says Brad Olsen, an owner of a pest control company.

What You Need To Do:

Real Trees

Before you bring a tree home, ask the supplier if they have a mechanical shaker. If they do not, shake it at the store and again at home, if needed. Remove any bird nests as many bugs will burrow between the twigs.

Another tip is to bring a flashlight with you to inspect in between the limbs. If you see bugs crawling around, move on to the next tree. Keep inspecting until you see very few insects if any.

Once you're home, leave your tree outside for 24 hours before bringing indoors. This will allow the remaining insects to evacuate outside rather than inside. Also, cutting a few limbs off the bottom will offer less of a living surface for the bugs, prompting them to leave faster.

Artificial Trees

Many people don't know that artificial trees can have problems too, especially if these trees have sat for months in the attic or garage and have collected dust. Depending on where you live, you can round up plenty of unwanted bugs on your artificial tree.

"If they're stored in an attic or garage or storage unit, you're dealing with roaches, you're dealing with scorpions. It's the perfect hiding space for natural bugs. Even mice and rats because the love the cardboard as well," Olsen says.

Please remember that aerosol bug killing sprays are flammable, so it is not recommended to be used on your tree. Share with us if you have any additional tips for Christmas tree hunters!

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