You Have to See These Dogs Meeting New Babies for the First Time

December 18, 2017

Dogs are our best friends and family members, but a lot of new parents can get stressed out when they’re bringing home a new baby to meet their dog. Some dogs know just how to react, though, and they make some of the sweetest videos.

Check out these darling dogs meeting their new family members for the first time.


Millie is a sweet husky dog who has always been her dad’s favorite (I mean, just check out her Instagram page). Her parents weren’t sure how she would react to the new baby, but she seems to be just as infatuated with the baby as her parents.


This sweet dog is fascinated by his family’s newborn. At first, he doesn’t really know what to think, but soon enough he starts licking and sniffing the baby.


In this video, you can hear how nervous the parents are to introduce their dog to their new baby. However, the dog gently sniffs the baby. Soon after, Chesty just rests his head on the baby’s car seat and stares at his little face.

Chevy and Bernie

Bernese Mountain Dogs are massive, but they’re known for being gentle. These new parents started by introducing their daughter to the calmer of the two dogs, Chevy. Chevy sniffs a little, but then gets distracted by something else. That’s when they bring Bernie in. Bernie gets a little more excited, but she settles down quickly. It’s good to know that sweet baby Arla will have these big dogs to protect her.


Pit Bulls are notoriously intimidating dogs, but they’re also extremely loyal. When these parents introduced their newborn to Gemma the Pit Bull, you can see her tail go crazy—she‘s so excited to meet her new family member.


Small dogs (especially Chihuahuas) are known for being extremely possessive of their family members. When this family introduced their baby to their dog Coco (a Pomeranian-Chihuahua), they didn’t know what to expect. After a minute, though, Coco started to do something that looks a little like a smile.

These sweet babies (and dogs) are so cute! It’s good to know that these babies will grow up with incredible dogs by their side, just like this girl who went missing in Alabama. She was found several hours later with her trusty companion right next to her. Read it here.

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