Young Boy Wakes From 5-Day Coma With Life-Threatening Disease Gets To Meet Famous Celebrity

March 22, 2018

A 7-year-old North Carolina boy who was diagnosed with a life-threatening disorder will get a once in a lifetime experience this week. He will be meeting his hero; an NBA superstar.


When Johnathan Page was just two years old, he suffered from a major stroke while sleeping. He quickly went into a coma which stripped his young, active life away from him in an instant.


Thankfully, Jonathan woke up. Unfortunately, he was taken into a serious battle that no one was prepared for.


The little guy was an active ball of fun. His mother, Loree Oliver, has several videos showing just how active he was.


“That was my little dude,” she told the "Journal Sentinel." “Just ripping and running and doing everything.”


Today, he can't walk by himself and the only way for him to get around is by his wheelchair.


Jonathan was in a coma for five days. On the fourth day, the doctors told Loree that her sweet son had methylmalonic acidemia. News that just shattered her heart and spirit.


The fifth day was Christmas Eve. Sadly, when the young, basketball-enthused boy woke up, he was left with no motor skills and dependent on his wheelchair.


“He was just like a newborn baby,” Lorree said. “He couldn’t really move. He couldn’t sit up, couldn’t hold his head up.”


Jonathan was in the hospital for 55 days with feeding tubes down his throat and appointments with physical and occupational therapists. They had a long road ahead of them.


Loree did recall one highlight after her son woke up. He picked up a basketball. This was huge for her.


“The first thing he did after he woke up out of his coma, was throw a ball,” said Loree. “He threw a small, little soft basketball.”


Over the past couple years, Jonathan had grown to idolize a famous NBA athlete. Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors. Every time Johnathan watches him play, his world his happy.


“When he’s walking into school, and his teacher says, ‘Hi, Jonathan,’ he says, “No, I’m Steph,’” said Loree. “So Steph has truly been a motivation.”


The incredible organizations "Dream On 3" will be coordinating a very special experience for Jonathan. "Dream On 3" is an organization that makes dreams of special needs kids come true. Johnathan will get to meet Stephen Curry.


Johnathan, his mom, and his sister Carli Carpenter flew into the Bay Area earlier this week. The three will be catching a home game this Friday at Oracle Arena where the Warriors will take on the Hawks.



“It’s exciting, and to know that Steph knows who we are, it’s, like, wow,” said sister Carli Carpenter.


This is the second time Curry has granted this special experience for a young child.


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