Young Boy Was Going in for His Eighth Surgery When the Doctor Did This Incredible Act

December 12, 2017

Children are often terrified of going to the doctor. It can be especially scary for them when they have to get shots or have procedures done.

Sometimes, doctors and other medical professionals go out of their way to help the children feel more comfortable in the hospital. Recently, a photo of a doctor went viral online because he did everything he could to help his patient.

The photo that went viral was of a surgeon. He was wearing his scrubs, mask, and glasses. In his hand, he was holding some surgical instruments. However, he wasn’t operating on a human. Instead, he was operating on a toy.

Dr. Travis Groth is a pediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. One of his patients, Ryan, had a toy that was ripped.

This is Ryan’s eighth surgery at the hospital and his toy, Mike Wazowski from “Monsters Inc.” has been by his side through all of them. Dr. Groth decided it was time for the toy to have a surgery of its own.

Ryan’s toy got stitched up along with him and they were able to recover from their surgeries side-by-side.

While this story is sweet by itself, when the story was posted online, many people commented about the value of toys when children have medical procedures. One commenter shared, “When I was 5 and had my tonsils out, my Mrs. Beasly doll went in with me. She broke her leg and had to be in a cast till my check up. The nurses had to take her vitals and check on her too.”

Someone here in the Inspiring Day office actually has a similar story. She recently took her son in for some vaccinations. He was nervous about them, so he took his stuffed animal, Bud, with him. When the nurse came in to give him the shot, she started out by giving the toy a shot. In doing this, he was able to see how easy it would be. Afterwards, he was proud of himself for being such a strong little guy through the experience.

It’s incredible to see how dedicated medical professionals are to making these kids have an easier time. Do you have any stories like this? Share with us on Facebook!

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