Young Boy Writes Dad an Emotional Note But It Quickly Takes a Left Turn Leaving Dad Shocked

March 27, 2018

In today's world, kids appear more unpredictable compared to decades ago. Either its eating Tide Pods or the nose hair trend or the firecracker challenge, the future of our society is beginning to get blurry.

Thankfully, there are still a few kids out there that try to do the right thing and listen to their parents. One young boy is getting some Internet attention after he writes his old man a note.


The note begins with some positive recognition and praise. Just a few lines down, however, it quickly takes a turn.

The lovely beginning sentiment lifted the father's spirits: "You are a hard worker," it reads. "You can make the earth a better place."

Any parent would have love to read a sentimental note like this from their child. The note easily would have been cherished forever and maybe even tacked onto their cubicle at work or stuffed inside their wallet. Nonetheless, it begins wonderfully.

As the father continues to read on, he is quickly surprised how it ended. Nowhere in the note did it give away an ounce of this kind of ending.

"You are a hard worker. You can make the earth a better place. And if you work hard you can buy that game I want."

Now we know the kid's motivation behind the note. A game. Originally, the sweet display of appreciation quickly and unexpectedly took a left turn when the not-so-clever tactic failed.


The "Reddit" user, "The_Dream_Walker," posted a picture of this note. He says that the boy who wrote it was his cousin. Within 14 hours, the post received over 21,000 upvotes.


To this kid's credit, flattery may just get you what you want. But tread lightly, young grasshopper, it doesn't always work.

What do you think about this note? Let us know in the comment section below! In other news, Candace Cameron Bure drops a major truth bomb about her marriage and people are speechless. Check it out here.

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