Young Wife With Cancer Dies in Husband’s Arms—Their Story is Beautiful

February 22, 2018

Husband, Joshua Ordonez, and wife, Lydia Dominguez, were married two days before Valentine’s Day in a hospital in El Paso, Texas. Dominguez was diagnosed with kidney cancer and it was predicted she wouldn’t live long. That didn’t stop her young husband-to-be from wanting to marry her.

Ordonez stated, “They tell you to marry your best friend. She is my best friend.”

When they were first engaged, things seemed to be going well until she got sick again in October. According to the New York Post, “Ordonez said he and Dominguez were happy until she got sick again in October, when doctors discovered that her cancer had spread to her liver and lungs.”

They’d only been together one year, but Dominguez’s dying wish at only 19-years-old was to be married to Ordonez. Ordonez wasn’t going to let anything stop him from marrying his bride-to-be, regardless of her condition.

So dressed up in a beautiful wedding gown, her friends and family helped walk her down a hospital aisle lined with red rose petals.

After the couple said their vows, they had a touching kiss, and then they were married! They both looked so happy!

Cancer, however, had run its course. It wasn’t but a few days later after their wedding on February 14th that she passed away from cancer complications in her husband’s arms.

If you would like to view their full wedding, you can watch the video below:

It is so beautiful that her last wish was granted. We are continually praying for Ordonez and his family during this hard time.

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