Your Local Target Store Could Be Closing Early Next Year; Shoppers Are Left Devastated

November 01, 2018

For the diehard Target fans, the following news may be difficult to hear. We hate to tell you, but your local Target could be closing!

On Monday, October 29, the huge retailer announced that they have decided to shut down six of their stores in early February 2019. "The Star Tribune" reported on the news and said the decision comes after an annual evaluation of the stores' performances.

Every year, the massive corporation reviews each of its 1,800+ locations and decides whether or not to close certain ones. Usually, Target closes the stores that have been struggled to "keep our store portfolio healthy."

At the beginning of 2018, Target closed 13 locations. In 2017, they shut down 12 stores, and in 2016, six more locations were put to bed. The following are the specific locations that will be closing by February 2, 2019."

-Brooklyn Center;
-Morgan Park and Chatham in Chicago;
-Cordova, Tennessee, a suburb of Memphis;
-Commack, New York; and
-Greenfield, Wisconsin., a suburb of Milwaukee.

According to "Business Journal," most of the closing Targets are standalone stores, except for the Cordova one that is included in a shopping mall.

Also, most of them have nearby competition; one has a Walmart one mile away, and others have nearby Targets that would be an alternative for their customers. The employees who work at the six closing locations will be transferred to their other stores.

Is your store closing? Be sure to let your friends and family know!