1 Child Dead, 45 Others Injured In Middle-Of-Night Bus Crash Carrying Youth Football Team. Devastated Community Asking For Prayers

December 03, 2018

A charter bus carrying a youth football team back home to Tennessee from a tournament in Texas has crashed, leaving at least one child dead. Officials say that another 45 have been injured, some seriously, in the 2:30 am rollover crash.


Injured children were taken to hospitals in both Benton and Little Rock. No information was immediately available about the extent of the injuries.


Live video fro the crash site shows the white tour bus heavily damaged and lying on its side in a ditch, near a sharp curve in the road. The driver is being questioned about the incident.

The accident occurred along Interstate 30 in Arkansas as the tired young athletes were traveling home after participating in a tournament in Dallas over the weekend.


Reports indicate that the children involved are aged eight through twelve and are members of the Orange Mound Youth Association in Tennessee.

According to NBC Boston, “Orange Mound is a historically black neighborhood in southeast Memphis that comes together around its youth football teams, where kids train to be part of the highly competitive Melrose High School squad.


“The community was created after the Civil War by and for African-Americans, and black-owned businesses flourished there until desegregation enabled residents to live elsewhere. Chronic disinvestment brought widespread crime and poverty.”

This story is developing and more details will be released when they become available. Please join us in praying for all the families devastated by this horrific incident.


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